REVIEW: NYX Bronzer & Blush Combo


This is currently my favorite Bronzer AND Blush, and its even better because its a two in ONE product! It is a Bronzer & Blush Combo (BBC) by NYX & the shade is Sunrise in Bali. It is even featured in my What’s In My Bag? Makeup Bag: August 2013 post that you can read HERE.

Some say that the blush side is a good dupe for NARS Orgasm, as it is a warm, peachy, bright pink color with gold undertones and it is very pigmented. The Bronzer side isn’t nearly as pigmented at first but that’s ok because otherwise it’d be super easy to over-do, and it does break down after you get through a layer or two of product. I only wear a sheer layer or two in the winter (as you can see in the above picture, where it’s December, and that red thing in the corner of the bottom photo is one of our stockings :P) but I layer on much more in the summer as it compliments my tan just beautifully. I just think it gives me the perfect healthy, tanned, tropical, glow. I can’t wait to try one of their other ones when this one runs out!
comment added 8/11/13: Its lasted me this long, I use it all the time! Almost out of the blush side though 🙂

There are a few different BBCs from NYX and they are all very similar to MAC’s & NARS’ blush shades. For a really great in depth review & photos of ALL the BBCs by NYX, click here.

Have you used this bronzer? What did you think?
What are some of your favorite bronzers?
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